Labs are under enormous pressure to both protect and grow revenue. Lagging, manually compiled quality metrics are stifling the ability to succeed. It is increasingly difficult to discern customer satisfaction, profitability or important issues, and sales and service teams are rarely aligned. Request a Demo to find out how hc1 can help.

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Post-Acute Care

Post-acute care providers must find innovative ways to deliver on bundled payment mandates despite being bogged down by lagging, manually compiled quality metrics. It is becoming more difficult to grow referrals by providing data-backed reports to referral sources. And it’s often challenging to monitor patients remotely. Request a Demo to find out how hc1 can help.

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Healthcare Systems

Health systems are now held accountable for delivering the highest level of patient care at the lowest cost —  all while complying with new mandates. They are juggling many relationships with skilled nursing facilities and struggling to stay ahead of readmissions. Disparate systems and departments make it difficult to stay in front of issues. Request a Demo to find out how hc1 can help.

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Healthcare provider using an iPad

Customer Stories

Free Case Study Download: Learn how the hc1 platform enabled Nationwide Children’s Hospital to break down information silos, creating visibility between sales and services. Key takeaways from the…

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Bronson Hospital Established a Successful Lab Outreach Program to Backfill Reimbursement Rate Losses Free Case Study Download: Bronson implemented the hc1 platform to ensure the hospital system could…

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