The Problem

Healthcare relationships are complex. Siloed data, endless IT systems, fragmented departments, and cumbersome processes stand in the way of amazing service.

The Solution

The hc1 healthcare CRM platform empowers healthcare professionals by replacing endless silos with holistic profiles of every provider and patient, actionable key metrics, and a secure way to collaborate.

Accomplish more...
with less.

The hc1 healthcare CRM platform helps you regain control over how you spend your day and what you can accomplish.

  • Eliminate duplicate efforts.
  • Automate manual processes.
  • Collaborate across departments.
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Healthcare CRM Issue Management

Anticipate what your customer needs at every turn.

Whether your primary customer is a patient, provider, or healthcare entity, reactive service is a sure-fire way to put relationships in jeopardy.

  • Keep all departments in lockstep.
  • Deliver tailored, personalized service.
  • Instantly assess which customers are on track or at-risk.
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Test Utilization Dashboard

Take action faster with real-time analytics.

Built and designed exclusively for healthcare, the hc1 healthcare growth platform does all of the hard work for you.

  • Say goodbye to lagging, manual reports.
  • Know and communicate your performance in an instant.
  • Make decisions based on live analytics.
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Healthcare coordination Management by cases dashboard

Our Partners

hc1 partners are dedicated to driving value for customers through enhanced solutions, innovative technology, and expanded business networks.

Amazon Web Services provides a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform in the cloud that powers hundreds of thousands of businesses in 190 countries around the world.

Ellkay is a recognized healthcare connectivity solution leader, providing healthcare organizations with cutting-edge technologies and solutions that improve their bottom line.

Beckman Coulter develops, manufactures and markets products that simplify, automate and innovate complex biomedical testing.

CliniSys is the leading European LIMS supplier with over 25 years’ experience providing strategically aligned and future proofed systems, meeting the latest requirements of pathology.

4Medica Logo Grey

4medica delivers cloud-based clinical data exchange, which provides clinicians with a unified, real-time view of patient information across disparate care locations.

Path-Tec specimen management solutions help labs to reduce costs, improve client service levels and overall operational efficiencies.

Experian Health provides revenue cycle management, identity management, patient engagement, and population wellness solutions for labs, hospitals, and pharmacy networks.

Vivizer Healthcare logo

Vivizer Healthcare Consulting Group is a healthcare consulting firm specializing in business development and operational strategies.

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