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Need a strong lab stewardship committee?

When structured and supported well, a lab stewardship committee will organize and guide optimal, patient-centric lab testing. Estimates project that health systems can reduce costs up to $5 billion per year by eliminating redundant tests. Even more savings, and patient satisfaction, can be realized through increasing use of appropriate tests that diagnose diseases early when treatment can be more effective.

Build a multidisciplinary team

Whether creating a new committee or looking to strengthen an existing one, look to all levels of the organization and a wide range of clinical specialties for active participants.

The chief medical officer, clinicians, department heads, financial leadership, quality improvement, laboratory staff, clinical informatics and information technology, as well as evidence-based practice experts should be involved.

Equip your committee for success

Successful lab stewardship committees have strong, visible commitment from leadership with sufficient human, financial, and IT resources allocated. With the right knowledge and tools, they are able to find inefficiencies and eliminate them with policies, education, and technology.

The savings that can be realized through implementing an effective program can more than make up for the expense of putting the appropriate resources and team in place to do so.

Solutions like hc1 Test Utilization™ help transform laboratory data into actionable insights for your committee.

Use Laboratory Data to Reduce Unnecessary Testing and Low-Value Services

hc1 Test Utilization provides a real-time dashboard of standardized and organized lab data from across the entire health system. With all of the data in an easy-to-use dashboard, identifying room for improvement becomes simple.

How McLaren Health Care Built a High-Value Care Steering Committee

McLaren increased internal efficiencies, eliminated low-value care, and created an organization-wide infrastructure of change with the help of hc1 Test Utilization.

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hc1 Test Utilization, the Missing Piece to Your Lab Stewardship Program

Learn how to quickly identify where unnecessary testing and waste occurs within your health system.

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