The evolution of risk-based safety: from TSA PreCheck to COVID-19 will be hosted by hc1 and Daon on January 19, 2021, 1 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. EST

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A New Era of Scalable Precision Medicine

By securely and intelligently integrating, normalizing, enriching, and transforming health data into the signals that identify risk and drive care decisions catering to each patient’s unique needs,…

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Precision Health Insight Networks (PHINs) Usher in Improved Outcomes and Lower Cost
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Strategies for Laboratory Professionals to Drive Lab Stewardship

Laboratory testing is typically the single highest-volume medical activity in a health system and plays a major role in driving clinical decision-making. Laboratory diagnostics are, however, highly variable and filled with opportunities for health systems to increase appropriate testing while…


The Power Of Localized Data For Public Health

During the pandemic, hc1 realized the hc1 platform contained a wealth of COVID-19 testing data from more than 20,000+ laboratories across the country. hc1 quickly pivoted our development resources to create the CV19 Lab Testing Dashboard™ and Workforce Advisor™. Now,…

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What is Needed to Truly Deliver Precision Healthcare?

Despite expectations for individualized care, a majority of the U.S. healthcare system operates under a one-size-fits-all, trial-and-error care delivery model. This outdated practice results in missed diagnoses, adverse drug reactions, protracted illnesses, and premature death, wasting anywhere from $760 billion…

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Pharmacy’s Role in Value-Based Care: The Not-So-Secret Secret Weapon in Value-Based Care

As value-based care and reimbursement become more popular hear from top thought leaders how this will affect the role pharmacists play. The latest Becker’s Healthcare Podcast features a session from the Precision Health Virtual Summit. The conversation includes…

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How Precision Health Is Transforming Care Coordination Strategies

Faced with escalating costs of care and administrative requirements that take away from their patient face time, providers are turning to precision health technologies to adopt more proactive and personalized care strategies. The shift to using data analytics and…

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Healthcare NOW Radio: Voices in Value-based Care

The movement to value-based care is revolutionizing how healthcare providers get reimbursed for the delivery of care. Recently hc1 CEO and Founder Brad Bostic and hc1 Physician Executive Dr. Peter Plantes were on Voices in Value-based Care with expert…

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Medical Experts Discuss Impact of COVID-19 on Lab Data

In the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic, hc1 and Quest Diagnostics™ met the urgent needs of hospitals and health systems for access to daily insights to COVID-19 lab volumes and trending data all in one place with Quest Lab…


The Evolving Care Continuum: Strategies to Effectively Leverage Precision Health

Precision health has the potential to dramatically transform the healthcare landscape, but the reality of leveraging it effectively can be complex. With the right data insights, precision healthcare can produce better patient outcomes by accurately…

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Model for Mitigation of Workplace Transmission of COVID-19 Through Population-Based Testing and Surveillance

The COVID-19 pandemic has a widespread impact on societies across the globe. As part of the effort to control transmission in the United States, many businesses either closed or instituted nonpharmaceutical control measures and allowed only essential workers on-site. Experts…

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The Evolution of Risk-based Safety: from TSA PreCheck to COVID-19

In the era of pandemic diseases such as COVID-19, successfully authenticating a person’s identity—while still crucial—is no longer sufficient. To achieve the same risk-based safety that revolutionized air travel with TSA PreCheck, we must now fuse to each trusted identity…

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Timely Local Insights

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted global pubic health response and extreme challenges are presented at a local and micro-community level. Individuals spend their days moving between various forms of micro-communities such as the workplace and schools. The ability to…

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