The hc1 Story

In 2011, hc1 was born, because our founder believed every patient should be treated as a unique individual. At the outset of the high-value care movement, healthcare organizations attempted to manage healthcare populations through technology while reducing costs, but hc1 knew that sustainable value enhancement could only come from reducing cost by improving individual patient outcomes – a goal we could achieve by tapping into the heartbeat of healthcare – laboratory data. We believed if labs could organize every individual’s information intelligently, they could unlock an unprecedented level of clinical decision support to personalize and improve care for all patients.

For more than 10 years now, hc1 has been  transforming lab data into personalized healthcare insights®. Today, the hc1 Precision Health Cloud™ connects patient health data sources from various silos in health IT to uncover actionable signals across patient populations and cohorts that inform individual patient care decisions. By creating Precision Health Insight Networks (PHINs) to organize volumes of live data, including lab results, genomics and medications, hc1 is able to deliver easily adoptable, scalable  solutions on two robust platforms that ensure that the right patient gets the right test and the right prescription at the right time. 

Solutions built on the hc1 Lab Insights Platform ™ help labs better serve their clinicians and patients by enabling quick access to the insights needed to improve how they manage internal and external processes and relationships. 

The hc1 Precision Health Platform™ delivers solutions that support ordering all of the tests (and only the tests) a patient truly needs to achieve timely, accurate diagnosis and treatment and prescribing drugs with the lowest risk of therapy failure and adverse side effects based on a patient’s complete pharmacological history, lab test results, lifestyle and genetics.

As we look to the future, hc1 is revolutionizing health care by infusing the concept of the digital twin in our platforms. Having the ability to digitally model a patient’s unique characteristics and risk factors then simulate how their body will respond to their treatment plan prior to acting will prevent negative outcomes like therapy failure and adverse side effects. Our precision health journey sees the digital twin modality as part of the patient care workflow over the next decade putting an end to trial-and-error and one-size-fits-all care.

Do you see the possibilities?

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