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To support health care providers and public health agencies in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic,
hc1 is leading a coalition of 20K+ lab testing locations to power the CV19 Lab Testing Dashboard.

Are you eliminating sources of unnecessary testing?

Delivering the right test to the right patient can be challenging. What’s even more complex is understanding where waste is occurring.

With lab data siloed across hospitals, gaining access to meaningful insights can take months or years.

Keeping up with the day-to-day operations gives you little time to make an impact on unnecessary testing.

How do I reduce waste within my health system?
How do I improve patient care and practice precision testing?
How do I track and address clinical variation?
How do I educate physicians about optimized ordering practices?

We have the answer: hc1 Test Utilization™

Reduce unnecessary testing with data-driven insights

With so many moving parts in healthcare, it can be difficult to identify the root cause of inefficient or wasteful practices. For example, a single health system might have multiple factors such as separate locations, siloed information systems, and varied data warehouses to make it difficult to even understand the scope of the data at hand.

With the right data and insight into high-cost, low-value, and antiquated test ordering, your health system can effectively monitor orders, take action, and educate physicians.

See Testing from All Levels

With a simple HL7 feed we easily integrate with all of your LIS data sources meaning you can access information about testing patterns throughout the health system, including inpatient, outpatient, and reference labs.

Align Clinical Guidelines with Utilization Goals

hc1 Test Utilization categorizes unnecessary testing into general types, such as repetitive or demographic. Your health system can edit or add guidelines within each type as new tests and recommendations are released.

Monitor Testing Trends in Real-Time

The data analysis engine feeds information about unnecessary tests to easy-to-use dashboards. From there, you can filter by the general type of unnecessary testing, compare ordering trends for different locations, and track progress to ensure the right test is administered to the right patient every time.

Target Provider Education Efforts

Drill down into pre-built reports to see which providers are ordering tests outside of established guidelines. Take this information and use it to tailor messaging directed at the changes that will have the most impact for your health system and the patients within it.

Utilization Insights that Matter

hc1 Test Utilization is a comprehensive solution that includes both strategic guidance and cloud-based technology to take the guesswork out of launching an effective utilization program. Visualize and track utilization metrics with the cloud-based hc1 Test Utilization solution to identify specific areas of improvement.

Learn from Utilization Expert, Diane Janowiak

Learn how test utilization has become the ‘last frontier’ of cost savings in the modern health system, as well as how hc1 can help health systems make the most of a successful utilization strategy.

Learn from Utilization Expert, Diane Janowiak

Learn how test utilization has become the ‘last frontier’ of cost savings in the modern health system, as well as how hc1 can help health systems make the most of a successful utilization strategy.

McLaren Health Care Drove Positive Change with hc1 Test Utilization™


Decline in Lipid Panels


CKMB Exceptions


Overall Decline in Exceptions

Quest Diagnostics and hc1 Collaborate

This strategic collaboration aims to improve patient care and reduce costs across thousands of health systems nationwide by delivering insights that empower optimal lab testing.

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