Are your test utilization efforts falling short?

Between out-of-control healthcare spending and pressure to combat staff and supply shortages, health system labs need a simple way to reduce unnecessary, outdated, high-cost and low-value test orders.

With data siloed across disconnected systems that don’t communicate well with one another, test utilization improvement efforts are often a manual and inefficient process that lab leaders don’t have time to manage.

hc1 Test Utilization™ empowers labs to reduce waste and better utilize resources by optimizing test ordering practices. 

How do I reduce waste within my health system?
How do I support value-based care initiatives in the lab?
How do I track and address misutilization and clinical variation?
How do I create a shift from historical practice to best practice?

Improve care, reduce waste and become a value center

Unnecessary medical care contributes billions of dollars per year to healthcare spending in the United States, and low-value and misutilized lab testing is a key driver of this spending.

hc1 Test Utilization combines a comprehensive, customizable utilization engine with real-time insights to help labs reduce unnecessary, outdated, high-cost and low-value test orders. 

With a view into where and how often specific types of misutilization are occurring, you can target change across your organization and lower costs.

Shift from historical practice to best practice

Start from a core set of testing guidelines based on Choosing Wisely® recommendations, then customize them to fit your needs.

Monitor utilization trends in real time

Uncover where and how often misutilization is occurring to identify where there is room for improvement and take targeted action.

Target and track the highest cost testing

See which rules, types of rules, providers and locations are responsible for the most spending on unnecessary testing.

Drive change across your organization

Gain a clear view of ordering patterns throughout your organization, target change and monitor ordering behavior over time.

Reduce unnecessary, outdated, high-cost and low-value test orders

hc1 Test Utilization comes equipped with a core set of expert-backed guidelines that can be customized to address organizational priorities. It then offers insights into which guidelines are being skirted most often and where the greatest levels of spend are occurring so labs can target change to specific providers, specialties or medical groups, ultimately reducing waste.

Are you ready to better utilize resources while delivering value-based care?

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