Join the hc1 team at the Lab Quality Confab conference, taking place in New Orleans, LA. While you’re there, stop by the hc1 booth to explore:

  • New Industry Breakthroughs in Test Utilization

Are you a lab leader looking for ways to plan, implement, and execute a winning test utilization strategy? Meet with the hc1 team to see how leveraging a healthcare-specific CRM platform alongside real-time analytics can help your lab not only meet but exceed utilization goals.

  • Steps For Making Your Lab More Efficient

In 2017, lab leaders realized that in order to run a successful and cost-effective business, internal operations must be incredibly efficient. Schedule a meeting with an hc1 team member to get your first-hand look at our improved Lab Quality solution, which helps labs streamline data collection and increase employee productivity.

Fill out the form on the right and schedule a 1:1 meeting during the conference to learn how hc1 can help your lab survive and thrive in the changing healthcare environment.