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Blood Utilization Dashboard

Subtab Reports

This subtab’s reports show which blood products are being used most and how often and how that usage is trending over time. It also shows how blood utilization compares among different specialties and different hospital locations


Summary Statistics
Average Transfusions by Order Day of Week
Specialty Distribution
Product Type Trend
Product Volume by Location
C/T Ratio

The crossmatch-transfusion ratio is a key metric in evaluating effective patient blood management. Yellow and red highlight when the C/T ratio exceeds accepted benchmarks, and links to view provider details or to create cases provide a quick way to act on this information.

C/T Ratio Trend
Physician C/T Ratio
Blood Waste
This subtab provides more detail about which blood products were wasted and why they weren’t used. Waste is broken down into products that expired and products that were discarded for other reasons.
Product Waste Reasons Trend
Product Waste Breakdown: Discard
Product Waste Breakdown: Outdated

When a patient’s hemoglobin, INR, or platelet count is at a certain level, transfusing blood product is generally not necessary. This subtab shows how often these unnecessary transfusions are occurring.

RBC Transfusion
RBC Exceptions Over Time
Plasma Transfusion
Plasma Exceptions Over Time
Platelet Transfusions
Platelet Exceptions Over Time