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The CV19 pandemic presents employers with unique challenges.

Some of the best ways to keep employees safe are routine lab testing, physical measures, workplace social distancing and compartmentalization, and remaining vigilant for symptoms. 

But as employers implement these measures, they are faced with managing an overwhelming amount of information.

What portion of the team has tested positive for the CV19 antibody?
What portion of the team has a positive virus test result and an active illness?
Which employees are due for a retest and when must those tests be completed to remain compliant?
Which employees have been exposed to an infected colleague and how broad was the exposure?

If you need to answer these questions, we have a solution: hc1 Workforce Advisor

hc1 Workforce Advisor is the only solution to securely integrate real-time lab results, local risk and symptoms into a Command Center and Digital ID to use in assessing and monitoring adherence to COVID-19 policies. Added mobile app features enable entrance control and exposure notice.

The only solution to securely integrate real-time lab results to help you get back to work safely.

hc1 workforce advisor

The only solution to securely integrate real-time lab results to help you get back to work safely.

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Our complimentary Return-to-Work Playbook offers guidance and solutions that can be easily implemented to keep employees safe. We’ve provided easy-to-follow steps organization leaders can take to begin implementing an effective strategy for the workplace, university campus, government facility, hospital or healthcare system Download this free guide now to get started. 

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How we enable you to make an impact

Together the Command Center and Digital ID can be used to monitor and assess a population with added entrance control and exposure notice. This combination offers large scale, centralized command and control with highly mobile, decentralized operations and indications of where exposure notice is critical.

Test to Protect

Command Center helps monitor adherence to organization testing mandates, and to understand operational readiness levels and risks down to specific workplace areas.

Privacy and Control

Employees remain in control of their health information by choosing/consenting to share their information. Role-based access ensures employee privacy, limits visibility of private information to those with need-to-know access and permissions.

Local Risk Index™

Local, sub-county level testing trends based on CV19 test results from a coalition of laboratories from across the country to inform decision making.

Mobile Access

Digital ID in a secure mobile app links identity to test results. A digital token acts as a “badge” for employees based on their test results status. Scanning reveals compliance with the testing protocol and informs on employee eligibility for work.

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