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Identify Unknown Ordering Physicians

As healthcare leaders struggle to make decisions in today’s tumultuous healthcare landscape, advanced data analytics are leading the way to new answers. With hc1 ProviderView™, laboratories of all sizes can easily identify and locate new customer markets and deliver precision marketing programs to proactively grow outreach volume.

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Monitor Public Reimbursement Claims

In an age of reimbursement uncertainty, laboratory leaders must be certain they are taking on tests with little to no reimbursement risk on their side. With hc1 ProviderView™, lab managers can sort ordering patterns by HCPC code to understand exactly how high-value, low-cost tests are managed and ordered by physician partners.

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Visualize Physician Ordering Metrics

Labs can leverage the hc1 ProviderView™ solution to understand how providers are prescribing and what tests they’re ordering for specific diagnosis. This way, labs know exactly which ordering physicians to target in which regions, ensuring maximum order volume from both established and new customer accounts.

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Laboratory Market Intelligence Resources


Introducing hc1 ProviderView™

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How to Identify and Close Profitable Accounts Faster

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Case Study

Cordant Health Solutions

After activating hc1 across multiple departments – billing, sales, IT, customer service, marketing, field ops, account setup, and logistics –…

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