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Stay on Top of Quality Metrics Across Your Lab

Say goodbye to the days of manual, time-intensive process and reporting. Labs can now gather and visualize quality metrics – including operational KPIs, data from multiple systems, and compliance updates – in real-time to stay on top of critical benchmarks across an organization. Managers can easily drill through data points to uncover even further insight.

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Gather Actionable Data to Deliver Better Utilization Insights

Labs are no strangers to an overabundance of data. With intuitive dashboards and reports, managers can visualize critical insights around high-value care driven initiatives like test and blood utilization. With access to these back-end metrics, labs can rein in high-cost testing, cut back on unnecessary blood waste, and become valued education partners with ordering physicians.

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Streamline Operational Data-Gathering

Running a business is hard. For labs, fractured communication between accounts, payors, providers, and CPT codes often results in painstaking manual and time-consuming work for all stakeholders. With live analytics from hc1, labs can clearly understand the breakdown of financial and operational insights, creating a value-driven culture of objective transparency in the day-to-day business dealings with customers.

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