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Ensure 100% accountability and transparency between departments

With clinical and business data from all your organization’s systems in a single place, team members all have uninhibited access to important case information. Employees no longer have to waste time manually running reports on critical intelligence that was previously held hostage in Excel spreadsheets or Post-It notes, opening up streamlined avenues of communication between departments.

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Monitor the Status of Client Accounts in Real-Time

For many labs, attempting to gain a complete picture of each provider requires too much time and energy, and can often result in errors or miscommunication. With lab-specific CRM, stakeholders can immediately access real-time, actionable information covering every facet of each client relationship, from opened emails to volume trends to critical client issues, and take action on any outstanding activities.

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Increase Customer Wins and Retention Rates

Healthy growth rates are attained by proactively managing and measuring issues in the lab and then turning these issues into insight. Lab-specific CRM moves critical trends and benchmarks to the forefront of strategic conversations, enabling laboratories to make better decisions, recreate best practices, and deliver amazing customer experiences – resulting in more customer wins and higher retention rates.

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