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Stratify Large Patient Populations

Gather, analyze and segment patient data to create highly targeted patient audience groups.

  • Segment audiences based on demographics, clinical diagnosis, and other data points.
  • Send targeted messages to specific audiences.
  • Know where to focus marketing campaigns and initiatives to maximize revenue.
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Health Consumer Management Patient Population Dashboard

Identify Patient Care Gaps

Pinpoint patient care gaps and identify any red-flag situations that warrant immediate attention.

  • Visualize patient networks and audience types to tailor physician engagements.
  • Plan outpatient journeys and quickly identify next steps in care.
  • Drive measurable action and accountability from clear KPIs.
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Health Consumer Management patient populations

Maximize Employee Impact and Revenue

Leverage real-time insight to maximize employee impact. Align messaging and communicate output with internal workflows to increase collaboration and, ultimately, revenue.

  • Understand employee output to know where to focus time, resources, and efforts.
  • See exactly which processes and workflows are working and which need refining.
  • Optimize outbound communication to ensure every patient is in the know when it comes to his or her care journey.
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Health Consumer Management Post Discharge List

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