Communicate and Engage with Patients

Understand patient communication preferences and work within a HIPAA-compliant messaging and collaboration center to send the right message to the right person at the right time.

  • Target demographics or care profiles with case-specific messaging.
  • Visualize your entire patient audience in real-time.
  • Follow up with discharged patients to identify where issues can be resolved.
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Case Management Solution - Detail by Patient Acuity level

Identify High-Risk Patients and Situations

Sometimes certain situations require a little more help. Your team can now proactively coordinate with professionals outside hospitals on high-risk situations or patients.

  • Focus on preventative care messaging to keep large patient populations healthy.
  • Know exactly when to pull in external help, such as wellness coaches or nurses.
  • Draw attention to high-risk patients who need extra focus or attention.
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Healthcare Case Management Volume

Maximize Employee Output

Know how employees are spending their time to identify where processes can be streamlined or to reevaluate current workflows.

  • Provide all internal stakeholders with a holistic view of patient and provider activities.
  • Validate and explain high-dollar investments to executives and decision makers.
  • Maximize high-risk patient care, team efficiency, and overall care coordination efforts.
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Healthcare coordination Management by cases dashboard

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