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Comply with New Regulations

Track detailed patient insights to comply with new reimbursement rules, like the CJR 90-day rule, which pushes providers to release patients from the hospital within certain time frames.

  • Ensure you’re sending patients home when they’re healthy to minimize risk of readmission.
  • Create transparent communication channels between departments to optimize patient health.
  • Reduce inaccurate reporting and errors.
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Bundled Episode Payment Readmissions

Decrease Readmissions

Bundled episode tracking allows for increased communication and transparency between patients, caregivers, and other stakeholders to decrease readmission rates.

  • Know exactly when patients are ready to go home.
  • Set measurable benchmarks around key metrics like cost-per-patient and length of stay.
  • Instantly view holistic patient profiles and critical details from multiple data sources.
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Bundled Episode Payment Scorecard

Healthcare Tracking for Better Relationships

Establish your health system as a value-focused, credible organization by keeping tabs on compliant physicians, specialties, and outpatient facilities.

  • Know exactly which facilities are operating efficiently and correctly.
  • Receive notifications when high-risk patients are readmitted.
  • Communicate quickly and directly with red-flag physicians.
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Bundled Episode Payment Total Spend

Bundled Episode Tracking Resources

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