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TU Exception Insights Dashboard

Subtab Reports
Summary   Summary
All Exceptions as % of Total Over Time
Exceptions by Type
Exception Occurrence Over Time
Exception Insights Exception Summary
Exception Volume
Exceptions by Provider
Drill Through: Exception Volume by Provider
Exception Volume Over Time
Obsolete Panel Trend Obsolete Panel Trend – Cardiac Markers
Obsolete Panel Trend – SED RATE vs CRP
Obsolete Panel Trend – BLEED TIME vs PFT
Obsolete Panel Trend – RBC FOLATE vs SERUM FOLATE
Obsolete Panel Trend – FOB vs FECAL IMM 

TU Unnecessary Spend Dashboard

Subtab Reports
Summary Lab Order Summary
Top Unnecessary Spend by Organization
Drill Through: Unnecessary Spending Breakdown
Unnecessary Spend by Month
Top Unnecessary Spend by Provider
Drill Through: Unnecessary Spending Breakdown
Exception Type   Exception Summary
Unnecessary Spend by Exception Type
Drill Through: Unnecessary Spending
Unnecessary Spend Trend by Exception Type
Exception Listing Unnecessary Spend by Exception

TU Volume Dashboard

Subtab Reports


This subtab shows the key elements of order volume: cancelled orders, type of ordering organizations, type of orders, and order volume trends.

Summary Statistics
Drill Through: Cancellation Detail
Summary Statistics by Location Type
Volume by Department
Drill Through: Volume by Department Over Time
Volume Over Time


This subtab’s red and green highlights tell you at a glance which orderables are being ordered less often and which are being ordered more. They also show which organizations are reducing order volume and which are increasing it.

Orderable Volume Month Over Month
Drill Through: Physician Volume Month Over Month
Location Volume Month Over Month
Drill Through: Physician Volume Month Over Month

Rules Summary

Display Information

 Rules Summary Tab

This subtab shows the criteria used to determine whether a test follows optimized ordering guidelines or is flagged as an exception.


Rule Name
Rule Type
Exception Reason
Time Offset
Minimum Age
Maximum Age

View Rule Window

Click a rule name to display this window, which displays additional detail about the rule.

Conn ID
Panel Code
Reference Codes