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hc1 Test Utilization: A Comprehensive Solution

High-Value Care is top of mind for virtually every hospital. And with lab testing as the single highest volume medical activity within a health system, studies show a huge number of diagnostic tests are misused or even overlooked, resulting in missed opportunities to avoid re-hospitalizations, ER visits, and other consequences. As part of the world’s leading precision health platform, hc1 Test Utilization is a comprehensive solution that includes both strategic guidance and cloud-based technology that takes the guesswork out of launching an effective utilization program.

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Create an Action Plan

Leverage expertise from hc1 partner Dr. Tim Hannon, a utilization expert and CEO of Healthcare Forward, to understand exactly how to enable change.

  • Learn how to best structure your utilization program to gain buy-in from all necessary stakeholders
  • Discover best practices that set your organization up for success from the onset
  • Create a step-by-step action plan that includes short-term and long-term goals and measurement

Visualize Utilization Metrics

Visualize and track utilization metrics with the cloud-based hc1 Test Utilization solution to pinpoint specific areas of improvement.

  • Pinpoint exactly where your team is losing revenue or driving up costs via missed opportunities
  • Automatically create benchmarks and track improvement over a given time period
  • Present executives and stakeholders with data-backed reports and benchmarks that outline areas of improvement
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Drive Positive Change

Educate ordering physicians to drive positive change and develop an enterprise-wide infrastructure of safe, patient-focused care.

  • Develop organization-wide rules and filters to foster change
  • Modify physician behavior by including hard stops and semi-hard stops via integration between hc1 and your EHR
  • Increase patient sentiment and satisfaction by decreasing repetitive draws and uncovering areas for preventative health
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