The Problem

Healthcare teams have access to massive amounts of patient data but often lack the resources or solutions to make this data actionable. New government regulations and mandates are forcing care teams to rethink how to leverage their data to both streamline internal processes and improve patient care.

The Solution

Tox Advisor combines Appriss Health’s PDMP data lake for 44 states with drug consistency and risk analysis to automate the PDMP lookup process and quickly identify at-risk patients, enabling care teams to create better patient outcomes.

Automate the PDMP Review Process for Physicians

  • Integrate live PDMP data with up-to-the-moment diagnostic test results for a complete picture of a patient’s use of a controlled substance and overdose risk.
  • Access a nationwide PDMP data set to successfully support physicians in any state.
  • Monitor prescription and consistency trends across multiple physician patient populations to improve overall patient outcomes.
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Assess the Risk of Drug Misuse and Abuse

  • Automatically match patient drug test results with prescriptions to identify those patients with a greater risk of overdose or diversion.
  • Visualize patient prescription history to make it easier for physicians to identify overlapping prescriptions and potential doctor shopping.
  • Deliver overdose risk scores and risk indicators to help physicians quickly understand their patients’ risk levels.
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