The Problem

Due in large part to the effective deployment of prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs) opioid prescribing is at a ten year low. Unfortunately, with overdose deaths at an all-time high, it is clear that tracking the dispensing of controlled substances is necessary but not sufficient to support prescribing decisions that lead to a reduction in substance use disorders.

The Solution

hc1 Tox Advisor, delivered via a strategic partnership with Appriss Health, was thoughtfully designed to comply with state PDMP regulations and to satisfy state-mandated use laws. The solution automatically compares toxicology results with PDMP data, providing clinical decision support to personalize prescribing of controlled substances including opioids.

Automate the PDMP Review Process for Physicians

hc1 Tox Advisor connects with the laboratory information system to perform an intelligent consistency analysis of toxicology results compared to the PDMP date in real-time. This breakthrough clinical decision support solution automatically does the work of a smart pharmacist by delivering an intelligent drug consistency assessment on demand in real-time that includes risk scores, red flags, and access to the full state PDMP report including access to adjacent state PDMP reports. Through a seamless clinical workflow, physicians can quickly identify aberrant behaviors, non-compliance, and overdose risk while fulfilling state requirements for checking the PDMP.

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Play a Critical Role in Reducing Substance Abuse Disorders

hc1 Tox Advisor enables laboratories to:

  • Enhance toxicology reporting for providers with clinical decision support that includes an intuitive “traffic light” consistency analysis plus patient risk scores for drug overdose, misuse, and abuse leading to better outcomes.
  • Gain and retain provider clients through a powerful solution that supports better care while reducing prescriber exposure to liability. • Consistently document key clinical facts based on PDMP data and patient risk factors demonstrating medical necessity.
  • Monitor patient compliance over time for individual providers and the organization’s entire patient population.
  • Comply with all state PDMP rules, regulations, and laws.
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