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The Problem

Safe, preventative medication regimens are top of mind in today’s healthcare environment, yet negative drug reactions and prescription-based substance abuse together cost hundreds of billions of dollars annually. How will you deliver on the promises of high-value care and personalized healthcare without incurring staggering costs?

The Solution

hc1 Rx Optimization prescription solutions leverage advanced bioinformatics to ensure personalized prescribing for individual patients, informed by PDMP data, toxicology results, pharmacogenomics, and automated medication therapy management. A combination of live analytics, AI, and machine learning help prevent high-risk situations and abuse.

hc1 Opioid Advisor™

See the complete picture: leverage live clinical laboratory results data (what’s being used) in conjunction with PDMP data (what’s being dispensed) to assess patient risk in real-time, ultimately making better prescribing decisions and driving better patient outcomes.

With a complete picture of a patient’s controlled substance history, clinical test results, and overdose risk, prescribers can assess possible drug misuse, abuse, and diversion risk in real-time to modify patient prescriptions where necessary. Both diagnostic laboratories and physician groups can use our Rx prescription solutions to play a pivotal role in the industrywide fight against controlled substance issues.

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hc1 PGx Advisor™

Reducing overall medical costs while improving treatment requires an accurate and optimized medical regimen, yet more than $100 billion is spent every year on adverse drug reactions.

With a customized, patient-first approach to prescribing, your team can reduce overall spending on inappropriate drugs and reduce health risks among your insured population.

hc1 PGx Advisor™ combines conventional Medication Therapy Management, pharmacogenomics, and integrated engagement and monitoring workflows specific to individual patients. Healthcare providers can ensure every patient is prescribed the exact medications they need based on their genetic and metabolic makeup.

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