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The Problem

According to the American Diabetes Association, in 2017, the cost of diabetes rose to $327B—accounting for 1 in 4 healthcare dollars spent in the U.S.Given the rising cost of care and co-morbidity that may develop as a result of diabetes, reactive, passive analysis is an unsustainable way to manage this chronic condition.

The Solution

hc1 Diabetes Advisor leverages predictive analysis and AI to identify patients at risk for diabetes. Utilizing a proprietary data lake of 5.1 billion clinical transactions and the hc1 Health Matrix—which normalizes and enhances data—at-risk individuals are detected at the earliest stage possible.

Organize and monitor data with access to real-time intelligence

With a proprietary data lake of over 5.1 billion clinical transactions and a best-in-class Health Matrix, which normalizes and enhances data, health systems can quickly uncover at-risk individuals and begin developing preventive care strategies. 

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Leverage a diabetes-specific machine learning model to make real-time predictions

Import detailed patient insight into the hc1 Diabetes Advisor Machine Learning model to identify patterns, trends, and produce real-time predictions that influence patient care.

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Intervene in patient care models earlier and with better efficiency.

By making diabetes predictions based on past lab results instead of historical indicators, healthcare leaders can identify risk even earlier and then take action through workflows and CRM activities for immediate follow-up.