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The Problem

High-risk situations including chronic conditions and opioid abuse cost the healthcare industry trillions of dollars every year. Late detection, stunted medication plans, and a lack of unified data mean the identification and prevention of these issues comes too late, resulting in high care costs and inescapable health outcomes.

The Solution

With the powerful AI and machine learning capabilities of hc1 Predictive Health solutions, healthcare leaders can easily assemble all relevant clinical and demographic data points, create real-time predictions of individual patient outcomes, and take immediate action to mitigate risk and alleviate skyrocketing care costs.

hc1 Diabetes Advisor

In 2017, the cost of diabetes in the United States rose to $327 billion. One of the most common chronic conditions, diabetes can be controlled and managed—if it’s caught and treated early enough.

hc1 Diabetes Advisor predicts the probability for diabetes in individual patient instances with an 85.1% accuracy rate, allowing healthcare providers to take immediate action, decrease care costs, and increase patient health outcomes.

Run live clinical data through a diabetes-specific machine learning model to create real-time predictive health insights and intervene earlier in high-risk health situations.

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hc1 Opioid Dashboard

Every 9 minutes, someone in the United States dies from an opioid overdose. Reactive, incomplete data makes it difficult to track opioid usage trends in real-time and adjust strategies accordingly.

The hc1 Opioid Dashboard helps public health leaders understand what drugs are being abused, where the problems are at their worst, and whom the epidemic is affecting. The combination of detailed demographic and socioeconomic insight with real-time diagnostic test results can help agencies target high-risk regions and counties, uncover which drugs are plaguing certain age groups, and monitor the effectiveness of specific treatment plans based on these factors.

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