Track KPIs in Real-Time

Post acute care organizations can now instantly assess Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) without sifting through endless spreadsheets.

  • Automatically report on critical metrics related to reimbursements, patient wellness, functional outcomes, and length of stay.
  • Identify where processes are working and where operational changes need to be made.
  • Focus on critical industry benchmarks and best practices.
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Post-acute care quality dashboard with live payment data

Stay A Step Ahead Of Patient Needs

View a 360-degree, holistic profile of every patient to remain a step ahead of issues.

  • Automatically translate data from any source into comprehensive patient and provider profiles.
  • Combine clinical, billing, and rehabilitation data for a 360-degree view of all patient activities.
  • Instantly assess the health or risk of each patient.
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Post-acute care quality dashboard and live analytics

Stay Compliant

Stay a step ahead of quality measures and meet new mandates by gathering and reporting on critical metrics in real-time.

  • Reduce dependence on IT departments to gather important metrics.
  • Document and store issue resolutions for accountability and follow-up.
  • Prepare for client meetings with a click of a button instead of months of manual reporting work.
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Post-Acute Care Quality Live Analytics Dashboard

Post-Acute Care Quality Resources

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