The Problem

Reducing overall medical costs while improving treatment requires an accurate and optimized medication regimen. Yet Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) are the 4th leading cause of death, costing the U.S. over $138 billion annually.

The Solution

hc1 PGx Advisor is the only unified platform that combines conventional Medication Therapy Management (MTM), PharmacoGenomics (PGx), and integrated engagement and monitoring workflows specific to the individual.

Identify risk and quantify wasted spend

Using a proprietary real-time database of drug interactions, FDA warnings, and pharmacogenomic markers, hc1 PGx Advisor can ingest actual Rx and Medical claims, formulary, and demographic data for your specific population to produce a detailed risk stratification report showing the number of individuals who are likely to be on the wrong medications, and quantify the wasted annual spending associated with those drugs.

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Improve outcomes by guiding prescribing physicians.

hc1 will customize its workflow and outreach approach to best meet your organization’s needs. Optimize the medication regimens of individuals by leveraging a pre-built network of DNA laboratory partners and staff of clinical caseworkers, or alternatively, organizations with their own staff and partners can utilize a customized solution that fits within existing processes.

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Gain continuous insight into healthcare savings

hc1 will continuously monitor Rx and Medical claims to provide healthcare leaders with the real-time measurement of:

  • Reduced spending on inappropriate drugs
  • Reduced health risk among the population
  • Beneficiaries needing continued outreach


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