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The Problem

Reducing overall medical costs while improving treatment requires an accurate and optimized medication regimen, yet Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) are the 4th leading cause of death, costing the United States more than $138 billion annually.

The Solution

hc1 PGx Advisor is the only unified platform that combines conventional Medication Therapy Management (MTM), PharmacoGenomics (PGx), clinical lab data and integrated engagement and monitoring workflows specific to the individual patient.

Ready to Improve Patient Outcomes with Precision Prescribing?

Healthcare providers are under significant pressure to provide high quality, high-value care. While 82% of the U.S. population is prescribed at least one medication, the FDA estimates approximately 50% of those drugs are ineffective or harmful for the specific patient.

An individual’s unique genetic profile influences their ability to metabolize many common prescription drugs. Ensuring patients are prescribed the most effective medications with the least amount of risk is critical to driving improved patient outcomes and reducing overall medical costs.

How can providers access the additional clinical information they need to personalize prescribing without added time or cost?

How can I eliminate ineffective and harmful drugs from patients' therapy regimens?
How can I deliver personalized prescribing?
How can I quantify wasted spending associated with incorrectly prescribed drugs?
How can I reduce overall costs yet improve treatment?

We have the answer: hc1 PGx Advisor®

Bring the lab, prescriber and pharmacists into alignment

PGx Advisor combines conventional Medication Therapy Management (MTM), PharmacoGenomics, and integrated engagement and monitoring workflows specific to the individual patient. The drugs with genetic implications are not rare: 52% of the 50 most common drugs have genetic implications for efficacy and patient safety.

This unique approach ensures the right patient gets the right prescription based on their unique genetic traits.

Improve outcomes with guided prescribing

PGx Advisor produces a detailed Rx Scoring Report using a real-time database of drug interactions, FDA warnings and pharmacogenomic markers combined with prescription and medical claims, formulary and demographic data.

How we enable you to make an impact

Improve patients’ health status through personalized prescribing informed by the latest genomic science. Reduce costs by eliminating ineffective and harmful drugs from therapy regimens.

Reduced spending on inappropriate drugs

As a clinician utilizes PGx Advisor, they are able to combine the patient’s PGx results with other key pieces of information, such as lifestyle, family history, medical history, allergies, and past medications, to determine the right drug and right dose for the patient.

Improved medication adherence

Approximately 50% of patients do not take their medications as prescribed. Individualized dosing, increased efficacy, maximized safety, and overall higher patient satisfaction result in less non-adherence.

Reduced health risk among the population

The right medication at the right dose the first time drives down costs to the patient and the health system, improving short-and long-term outcomes.

Ongoing monitoring and insights

Gain continuous insight into healthcare savings through continuous monitoring of prescription and medical claims to provide leaders with the real-time measurement.

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