Although tremendous resources are being allocated to reverse the skyrocketing death toll caused by opioid misuse, abuse, and diversion, current efforts are mostly reactive and informed by historical data. While useful, a historical view of which drugs are being prescribed and how many people are in treatment is not enough.


The hc1 Opioid Dashboard delivers a real-time view of opioids that are in use across the nation and correlates usage patterns with adverse outcomes. Built with hc1 Insight™, this breakthrough in public health delivers the insight required to measure the effectiveness of current programs while informing new strategies that lead to earlier intervention and prevention.


Identify high positivity areas and scope of the opioid epidemic. Pinpoint trends in drug positivity with real-time insight.

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Understand what the problem is, where the problem is at its worst, and who the problem is affecting.



Research, implement, and measure a process to manage the targeted opioid population.

Opioid Dashboard

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