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Improve Customer Service and Increase Team Efficiencies

Track and manage all service activities, communications, and internal operations for a holistic view into your service efforts.

  • Immediately notify executives, account reps, and even customers themselves of critical account issues or changes.
  • Build a culture of customer-first care to help retain more accounts.
  • Leverage real-time insight into current accounts to streamline internal processes.
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Stay a Step Ahead of Client Needs

Use a real-time, 360-degree view of every provider and patient to ensure the proactive and personalized care of each customer.

  • Automatically build provider and patient profiles through customer interactions from all departments.
  • Assess your customers’ health at a glance to determine new ways to personalize and improve their experience.
  • Proactively identify recurring issues and root causes for quicker corrective action.
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Collaborate on Issues Securely

Replace one-off email threads and sticky notes with a HIPAA-compliant platform that keeps sales and service teams aligned at all times.

  • Through process automation, never let a client issue slip through the cracks again.
  • Immediately notify executives, account reps, and customers of critical issues or changes.
  • Leverage real-time data to proactively identify, collaborate on, and resolve issues before they impact your customers.
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