Close New Deals Faster

Increase visibility into sales pipelines and activities to enable sales teams to progress deals and win more accounts.

  • Give managers and executives a clear view into all deals and sales activities.
  • Monitor the risk of critical accounts from any device for an up-to-date look at outreach efforts at all times.
  • Decrease manual efforts, duplication, and delayed information.
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Healthcare CRM Sales and Pipeline Management Dashboard

Stay A Step Ahead Of Client Needs

View a 360-degree, holistic profile of every patient and provider so that service teams remain on top of issues.

  • Automatically translates data from any source – including LIS, HIS, billing, etc. — into comprehensive patient and provider profiles.
  • Instantly assess the health or risk of each client relationship and personalize service accordingly.
  • Monitor recurring client issues to identify root causes.
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Medical Laboratory Healthcare CRM Opportunity Profile

Communicate Issues Securely

Replace one-off email threads and post-its with a HIPAA-compliant platform that keeps sales and service teams aligned at all times.

  • Never let a client issue slip through the cracks again.
  • Immediately notify physicians, patients, and account reps of critical issues or changes.
  • Leverage data to determine high-value and low-value tests and clients to maximize revenue and upsells.
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Healthcare CRM Issue Management

Resources for Laboratories

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