Visualize & Track Test Utilization Metrics

Understand exactly how your team is delivering high-value care through test utilization by tracking over-ordering, high-cost testing, and antiquated test ordering to ensure the right test is administered to the right patient every time.

  • Measure daily inpatient testing and results for real-time insight.
  • Know where your team is losing revenue and wasting employee time.
  • Share this critical data with relevant stakeholders and executives.
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Take Action & Monitor Ongoing Progress

Set obtainable goals for your utilization program and measure the effectiveness of new processes with the help of public governance programs and healthcare CRM tracking solutions.

  • Build a multipronged utilization program based on industry-leading insight.
  • Develop organizationwide rules and filters to initiate awareness.
  • Target offending physicians directly to drive immediate change.
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Educate & Share Program Goals

Educate ordering physicians to drive positive change and develop an enterprisewide infrastructure of safe, patient-focused care.

  • Leverage new data to educate providers and clients affected by these tests.
  • Present executives and stakeholders with data-backed reports and benchmarks.
  • Increase patient sentiment and satisfaction by decreasing repetitive draws.
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Test Utilization Management Resources

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