Visualize & Track Blood Utilization Metrics

Recognize the current state of blood utilization, including unnecessary transfusions and volume, across multiple locations and specialties in your organization.

  • Monitor blood unit use in real-time by overall inventory, by specialty, and even by specific location.
  • Gain insight into financial spend based on product type, physician orders, and overall usage rates.
  • Pinpoint where your team is losing revenue and share potential cost savings with executives and stakeholders.
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Take Action & Monitor Ongoing Progress

Set obtainable goals for your blood utilization program and better understand the ongoing effectiveness of new processes with the help of public governance programs and healthcare CRM tracking solutions.

  • Automatically monitor critical metrics such as crossmatched-to-transfusion ratios.
  • Identify offending physicians or drops in benchmark adherence and work to drive immediate change.
  • Develop organization-wide rules around internal handling errors, expiration date processes, and more to initiate awareness.
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Educate & Share Program Goals

Educate physicians and other stakeholders to drive positive change and develop an enterprise-wide infrastructure of cost-effective, patient-focused care.

  • Leverage new data to educate providers on the correlation between transfusion data and corresponding test results.
  • Present executives and stakeholders with data-backed reports and benchmarks.
  • Increase patient sentiment and satisfaction by decreasing repetitive draws.
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