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The Problem

If your team is ordering antiquated tests or running transfusions based on a ‘this is what we’ve always done’ approach, you could be wasting millions of dollars a year – not to mention wasting precious resources. On average, around 50% of all testing is clinically unnecessary, and 30% of all blood products are wasted. To stay viable, your organization must eliminate these low-value care services.

The Solution

High-Value Care solutions from hc1 not only pinpoint where these low-value care practices are occurring, they also provide intuitive workflows for change management. Ordering rules, transfusion tracking, and real-time insight into high-value outcomes create an enterprise-wide picture of how utilization is managed and the patient impact on an individual level.

hc1 Test Utilization Management

Fragmented data and multiple stakeholders can make it difficult to identify the root cause of inefficient or wasteful practices. With hc1 Test Utilization™, care teams can gain insight into high-cost, low-value, and antiquated test ordering to monitor progress, take action on issues, and educate physicians—all while creating a high-value, lean organization.

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hc1 Blood Utilization Management

Healthcare organizations can end up bleeding money because of blood product waste and transfusion errors. Increase cost savings—and improve your patient’s care experience—with hc1 Blood Utilization™, which delivers real-time data and insight into how blood products are managed and utilized across your organization.

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hc1 Lab Quality

Processes you’ve followed for years may fail at any moment due to manual error. Requisition forms, instrument tracking reports, intake data and test utilization tactics live in silos. This tangled web of data, systems, and people prevents your lab from doing its best work.

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