Close New Deals Faster

hc1’s healthcare CRM allows you to increase visibility into sales pipelines and activities to enable sales teams to progress deals and win more accounts.

  • Give managers and executives a clear view into all deals and sales activities.
  • Translate data from multiple sources in a single, healthcare-specific CRM platform to grow your business.
  • Make data-backed, strategic business decisions that impact your entire business, not just a single department.
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Drive Proactive Team Outreach

Use a real-time, 360-degree view of every prospective account to ensure proactive and personalized team performance.

  • Increase manager visibility into sales pipelines and activities to drive more productive reps.
  • Track all outreach touch points—including calls, emails, and customer responses—to influence compensation plans.
  • Provide sales reps with critical industry trends and benchmarks to influence buying conversations.
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Win More Accounts

Healthcare-specific CRM allows sales reps to progress deals and win more accounts.

  • Build holistic healthcare relationship management profiles for individual providers, organizations, and large health systems.
  • Monitor the risk of critical targets from any device for an up-to-date look at prospecting efforts at all times.
  • Decrease manual efforts, duplication, and delayed information.
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