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The Problem

Order and issue reports take too long to generate, slowing down sales, service, and operations teams’ responsiveness. Account and contact information is scattered across multiple systems, leading to missed opportunities, ineffective communication, and wasted resources.

The Solution

Quickly see what’s on track and what needs to improve through dashboards designed for healthcare needs and backed by real-time data analysis. Enable employees to focus on adding clients and resolving issues by easily customizing and automating the CRM environment to fit the way your organization works. Alert and inform employees and customers through email, text, and secure messaging that connects them to a centralized site.

Why You Need a Lab-Specific CRM

With data spread across various systems, solutions, and even spreadsheets, laboratories need a way to seamlessly integrate, analyze, and visualize organizational metrics. The hc1 CRM platform is extremely customizable. You can use it to streamline multiple areas of a business, from sales activities to client and patient relationships to operations initiatives. With hc1 CRM in place, your organization will be able to:


See Value Right Away

Save time spent on gathering information, filling out forms, and generating reports. Filter down to the data you need from customized lists or pre-built dashboards. Take immediate action with Quick Create cases and tasks.

Track Trends in Real-Time

Leverage real-time analytics to increase revenue. Monitor metrics such as order volume, turnaround times, and reimbursement rates to ensure you’re always moving in the right direction.

Customize Without Consultants

hc1 CRM comes standard with healthcare record types and fields. System administrators can easily add or edit custom fields, set up separate record layouts for different groups, or automate common tasks for users without spending more.

Gain Insight Into Provider Relationships

Each provider record shows a complete picture of how that provider interacts with your lab—from ordering locations, panel and test order details, and ongoing service issues and activities. Use this information to build opportunities to retain customers, increase order volume, and support high-value care.

See What hc1 CRM™ Can Do for You

With the hc1 CRM platform in place, laboratory leaders can develop targeted strategies and workflows that directly impact the customer and patient experience. With the customer at the forefront, laboratories can rise above the competition and thrive in the era of value-based care.

hc1 CRM™ App Puts CRM Sales Features at your Fingertips

The hc1 CRM™ app now puts the most highly used CRM sales features at your fingertips. Use the app to view, create, and edit hc1 CRM organization, contact, opportunity, case, task, and memo information. Quickly review client activities before walking in the door. Easily map the location for your next visit. Find contact information and initiate a call or email with just a screen tap. 

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Hear How North Memorial Health Care Immediately Benefited from hc1 CRM™

Within days, hc1 CRM enabled North Memorial Health Care to identify where to focus, drive the right actions, and build amazing client relationships.

Hear How North Memorial Health Care Immediately Benefited from hc1 CRM™

Within days, hc1 CRM enabled North Memorial Health Care to identify where to focus, drive the right actions, and build amazing client relationships.


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