Post Acute Care

Comply with new bundled payment models, minimize length of stay, reduce readmissions.

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Post Acute Care Benefits

Track and manage length of stay, cost per patient, and treatment plans

Track FIM score measures and proactively follow up on ‘red flag’ patients

Provide accurate, data-backed reports to maximize reimbursements

Sales & Referral Management

  • Manage all inpatient and outpatient data in easy-to-digest dashboards.
  • Grow referral network and outreach business by showcasing length of stay, RUG rates, and other critical metrics.
  • Track referral opportunities and activities and immediately follow up with any red-flag accounts.

Remote Monitoring & Patient Biometrics

  • Proactively prepare for the industry-wide shift towards remote health.
  • Gather patient data outside the four walls of the hospital in a single, HIPAA-compliant platform.
  • Report on patient data and communicate with patients, physicians, and other key stakeholders.

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