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Health System Benefits

Proactively manage patient populations and physician relationships

Comply with federal regulations and maximize incoming reimbursements and revenue

Encourage wellness and quality care both inside and outside the hospital

Patient Management

  • Stratify large patient populations based on demographics, clinical diagnosis, and more.
  • Visualize your referral network to maximize incoming revenue and new patient referrals.
  • Know exactly where to focus time, efforts, and marketing campaigns for maximum impact.

Value-Based & Bundled Payments

  • Increase communication and transparency to decrease readmissions.
  • Comply with CJR 90-day rules and new bundled payment initiatives.
  • Send referrals to outpatient facilities that are operating efficiently and correctly.

Case Management

  • Understand your patients and know exactly how to better interact and communicate with them.
  • Quickly identify high-risk patients that need special attention and coordinate with professionals outside the hospitals.
  • Know how your employees are spending their time.

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