We have unnecessary readmissions and uncertainty around care provider activities.

Inside hospitals, only a handful of staff members are tasked with managing relationships with thousands of patients. It’s challenging to effectively allocate resources when you can’t instantly assess at-risk individuals. Proactive, fully informed decisions drive down readmissions while preventing gaps in care.

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Our referral rates aren’t growing quickly enough.

Hospitals miss out on referrals because of poor communication. You want faster, more efficient ways to engage potential and existing referring providers. Improved care coordination is the first step towards achieving transparent, effective communication.

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We're wasting time compiling reports that tell us too little, too late.

When patient profiles and key performance metrics are disjointed, it threatens your ability to deliver on the promise of quality, accountable care. And with value-based payment initiatives now in place, there’s never been a more critical time to rein in real-time patient metrics.

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