Want to have the upper hand in the marketplace?

What You’ll Learn in this FREE 30-Minute Session: 

  • How your team can capture more referrals and admissions.  Identify exactly who you should market to and where to focus your marketing dollars.  Keep sales reps more accountable by prospecting in the right places and track success with real-time data.
  • How to unlock competitor data to see where you stand in the market.  Access Medicare, Medicaid, and now, managed care data to see referrals based on DRG, line of business, specialty, and geography.  Pinpoint exactly which referrals you’re missing out on and what adjustments can be made to increase qualified admissions.
  • How to measure and track the ROI of new potential business to prioritize sales & outreach efforts.  Based on discharge data, you can confidently benchmark the return of a relationship before investing time and resources to win it.  This saves money, time, and legwork guiding efforts to the right people.

Trainer:   JT Thomas, Regional Post-Acute Care Sales Director