How North Memorial Health Care Reduced Unreimbursed Testing by 50%

Streamline internal operations, increase client retention, and optimize test utilization workflows – all with the hc1 Platform. Download this free case study to see how North Memorial Health Care saw the following:

127% increase in Total T4 testing over T4 testing, a proven obsolete test
50% reduction in high-cost unreimbursed test ordering
40% increase in educated providers

This case study explores:

How North Memorial optimized internal communication and transparency to increase client retention – turning clients at-risk into client references.
The results of North Memorial’s ongoing test utilization program, including reducing orders of high-cost unreimbursed tests by over 50%.
Why Mayo Medical Laboratories, a division of Mayo Clinic, singled out North Memorial as a regional leader in test utilization for their ongoing test utilization initiatives.

“Having a central place for our team to communicate and collaborate removes any grey areas. Our people are 100% accountable to each other and, most importantly, to our clients.” – Bobbi Kochevar, Director of Care Management, North Memorial Health Care