McLaren Health Care shares strategies to drive cost-savings, profitability, and better patient care

Watch this webinar to learn exactly how health systems can establish a long-term, cost-effective test utilization program. The speakers will discuss the following three steps in detail as they go through the entire utilization program process, from gathering internal support to setting benchmarks to marketing both internally and externally:

  • Recognize the current state of which tests are being ordered, how often these orders come through, and the overall volume of these tests.
  • Set obtainable goals and measure the effectiveness of utilization programs with the help of public governance programs and healthcare CRM tracking solutions.
  • Educate ordering physicians to drive positive change and develop an enterprise-wide infrastructure of safe, patient-focused care.


  • Dr. Dennis Spender, CMO of McLaren Health Care
  • Diane Janowiak, MT, VP of Premium Client Solutions at