How to Drive High-Value Care with Improved Utilization

For healthcare organizations to truly survive in today’s changing care reimbursement landscape, they must have the focus, strategy, and resources necessary to deliver high-value care to patients and stakeholders. This complimentary webinar with Dr. Tim Hannon, CEO of Healthcare Forward, will share how healthcare systems can successfully plan and deliver a high-value care strategy by implementing three critical utilization components into their overarching care infrastructure.

You will learn:

  • The definition of high-value care and why healthcare leaders should strive to achieve it.
  • High-Value Care Program governance and the three critical strategic components necessary to achieve high-value care across a healthcare organization.
  • How implementing a test and blood utilization program with real-time analytics can advance high-value care, reduce healthcare costs, and deliver better patient care.
  • The success one leading health system had with creating a High-Value Care Program and their future plans to deliver high-value care to patients.