hc1 Workforce Advisor™ for CV19: Empowering Universities to Move Forward with Confidence
To help get students and employees back to campus in the fall, universities must manage return-to-school and stay-at-school guidelines, including testing mandates, work and education space policies, and policies surrounding social considerations, such as exposure notice. They need the right tools to easily manage it all.

On Wednesday, June 24, at 11 a.m. EST, hc1 hosted a webinar to share more about how hc1 Workforce Advisor can get students and employees back to campus and keep them there safely. We encourage everyone involved in planning or managing CV19 return-to-school and stay-at-school policies to watch.
We’ll share:
  • Strategies for a safe return to campus for students and employees
  • Ways to manage employee and student testing and tracking
  • The key components of hc1 Workforce Advisor and its hc1 CV19 Command Center and hc1 CV19 Digital ID
  • Answers to your questions