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In addition to the dashboards and components listed here, hc1 PrecisionDx Advisor includes the hc1 Analytics dashboards.

Utilization Dashboard

Total Ordered Panels
Total Exceptions (exception percentage of total ordered panels, average number of exceptions per day)
Total Patients
Patients with Exceptions (percentage of total number of patients)
Exceptions Over Time
Rule Types as Percentage of Total Over Time
Rule Summary
Rule Type Occurrence Over Time
Rule Name Occurrence Over Time
Exception Count by Exception Type and Name
Exception Count by Organization
Exception Count by Provider

Utilization Spend Dashboard

Ordered Panels with Spend (percentage of total ordered panels)
Exceptions (percentage of total ordered panels, average dollar amount spend per exception)
Total Exception Spend (dollar amount average per ordered panel)
Exception Spend by Rule Type
Percentage of Total Spend by Rule Type Trend
Exceptions with Spend
Ordering Locations Exceptions with Spend
Provider Exceptions with Spend

Guideline Summary

Column Information
Guideline Name
Guideline Type
Guideline Category
Exception Reason
Time Offset
Number of Continuous Tests
Demographics: Gender, Minimum Age, Maximum Age, Age Operator
Diagnosis: Diagnosis Codes, Diagnosis Code Level, Diagnosis Code Exception
Specialty: Specialty Names, Specialty Record Type, Specialty Exception
Patient Location: Patient Location, Patient Location Exception
Encounter: Admit Days, Discharge Days, Admit Date Exception
Medication: Medication Codes, Pharmaceutical Class, Therapeutic Class, Medication Exception
Specimen: Specimen Type Codes, Specimen Type Exception
Result and Criticality: Test Code, Compare Operators, Result Values, Result Types, Result Exception