The Pain

The information clinicians need to deliver personalized, precise care is locked away in disconnected databases, buried in medical journals, and isolated in multiple patient data silos.

Our Solution

Precision Health Insight Networks (PHINs) make it possible for healthcare organizations of all sizes to manage complex patient information securely across networks and personalize care for all patients.

Precision Health is holding the promise to solve healthcare’s fundamental flaws

Precision Health takes into account differences in people’s genes, environments, and lifestyles and formulates treatment and prevention strategies based on patients’ unique backgrounds and conditions.

Precision Health care is tailored to providers and patients by providing medical teams the tools to better understand the individual patient’s complex body.

Precision health helps providers keep patients healthy. If they do get sick, precision health helps them understand which treatments work best with the fewest risks.

PHINs deliver on precision testing and prescribing

PHINs deliver on precision testing and prescribing for mass personalization that volume-based, fee-for-service care models will never achieve. This emerging category of solutions holds tremendous promise to deliver countless breakthroughs that will forever change the way healthcare is delivered, saving millions of lives and billions of dollars.

Reduce Complexity

PHINs are possible for any size healthcare organization responsible for managing complex patient information securely across networks.

Increase Time to Value

PHINs provide critical insights, analytics, and solutions for precision health with ever-faster time to value.

Remove Inefficiencies

PHINs take the stress of wasteful practices out of the system and off the providers who are critical to help usher in this new era of personalized, high-value care everyone can benefit from and embrace.

Normalize and Organize Data

The hc1 Platform® is crafted to address the problems with precision health today. The Platform is purpose-built to ingest, normalize, and organize disparate healthcare data at scale. It’s infinitely expandable and immediately accessible thanks to its ultra-high availability in the AWS cloud.

hc1 Precision Health Virtual Summit

The Precision Health Virtual Summit 2021 hosted by hc1 and Becker’s Healthcare brought together healthcare leaders and industry experts to focus on making precision health achievable in all aspects of care delivery and accessible to everyone.

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Now is the time to invest in PHINs for high-value care.

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