Market Intelligence

Identify and prioritize where your organization has untapped potential to grow.

Healthcare CRM

Combine real-time clinical and business data to confidently take action.

Live Analytics

Visualize data in real-time dashboards for an instant view of performance.

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Market Intelligence

Leverage artificial intelligence and the proprietary hc1 healthcare data lake to quickly identify and prioritize where your organization has untapped potential to grow. With live data available at the click of a button, your team can revolutionize the way you grow your business.

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Leverage an intuitive, prefilled Healthcare CRM Data Platform that will constantly learn and change based on rep activity.

Visualize competitors’ market share breakdown and referral rates thanks to quarterly-updated data from Medicare, Medicaid, and Managed Care.

Identify your most profitable untapped referral sources by analyzing industry-specific metrics such as total admittance rates, total test orders, and even payor denial rates.

Replace lagging manual processes with machine learning workflows to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Take action on healthcare data and insights that are updated quarterly, instead of on a yearly basis, for more proactive, productive activity.

healthcare crm

Healthcare CRM

Automatically create holistic profiles of every patient and provider. Organize fragmented data into a single, HIPAA-compliant source. Transition from reactive problem solving to proactive relationship management.

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View the progress of every deal in your team’s pipeline to close more business.

Monitor customer satisfaction  from any device.

Decrease manual effort and eliminate delayed information with automated updates and task notifications.

Immediately notify physicians, patients, and account reps of critical issues or changes in account status.

Identify the root cause of recurring client issues and resolve problems faster.

Determine high-value and low-value tests and clients to maximize reimbursements.

healthcare analytics

Live Analytics

Leverage real-time dashboards and reports for a 360-degree view of your operations. Stay on top of critical volume, utilization, quality, and patient metrics. Identify exactly where processes need to change or improve.

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Eliminate data silos by viewing all clinical, business, billing, testing, and other data in a single platform.

Enable departments across your organization to visualize key metrics.

Use data to improve decision making and accountability across every role.

See precise organizational performance collectively and at the provider level.

Reduce manual reporting and data gathering.

Take immediate action based on live analytics.

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