Healthcare CRM

Leverage real-time clinical and business data to drive amazing patient and provider experiences.

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Healthcare CRM Benefits

Automatically create holistic profiles of every patient and provider

Organize fragmented data into a HIPAA-compliant, single source

Transition from reactive client service to proactive relationship management

Monitor your outreach pipeline to close new deals faster.

  • View the progress of every deal in your team’s pipeline to close more business.
  • Monitor the risk of prospective outreach accounts from any device.
  • Decrease manual efforts, duplication, and delayed information with automated updates and task notifications.

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Instantly assess the health of each client account.

  • Immediately notify physicians, patients, and account reps of critical issues or changes in account status.
  • Identify the cause of recurring client issues and resolve problems faster.
  • Determine high-value and low-value tests and clients to maximize reimbursements.

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