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What purpose do opioid stewardship committees serve?

In January 2018, recommendations from the Joint Commission mandated that all healthcare facilities implement leadership teams and performance improvement processes to address safe opioid prescribing. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and many states have also issued detailed guidelines for opioid prescribing.

Opioid stewardship committees identify existing process gaps and work to develop a culture of safe opioid prescribing through implementing processes that meet guidelines while monitoring for, detecting and appropriately responding to opioid misuse.

Build a multidisciplinary team

Whether creating a new committee or looking to strengthen an existing one, look to all levels of the organization and a wide range of clinical specialties for active participants.

Include oversight by key clinical leaders and consider input from primary care, anesthesiology, emergency medicine, psychiatry, surgery, and pharmacy with executive support from the chief medical officer, chief quality officer and chief nursing officer.

Equip your committee for success

Successful opioid stewardship committees have executive support and strong project management resources. Information technology is also critical to benchmark current prescribing, collect timely metrics and deploy effective clinical decision support tools.

hc1 Opioid Advisor™ simplifies the decision making workflow

Opioid Advisor provides automated, intelligent data, so actionable comparisons can be made in real-time with a single click.


Better manage opioid prescribing through automation

During a recent webinar, hc1 Senior Vice President, High-Value Care, and national advocate for prevention of opioid misuse, R. Scott LaNeve, explained the most common prescribing guidelines and what they typically require of prescribers. He shared ways to alleviate some of the challenges associated with meeting the guidelines including using automation to help with administrative tasks.

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