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Proactively Impact Public Health

Although tremendous resources are being allocated to reverse the skyrocketing death toll caused by opioid misuse, abuse, and diversion, current efforts are mostly reactive and informed by historical data. While useful, a historical view of which drugs are being prescribed and how many people are in treatment is not enough.

Request your 20-minute demo of the hc1 Opioid Dashboard to see how real-time analytics and insight into drug positivity trends can help healthcare providers and government decision-makers:

  • Drive Awareness: Identify high positivity areas and scope of the opioid epidemic. Pinpoint trends in drug positivity with real-time insight.
  • Target At-Risk Populations: Understand what the problem is, where the problem is at its worst, and whom the problem is affecting.
  • Impact Public Health: Research, implement and measure a process to manage the targeted opioid population.

The Opioid Dashboard provides an up-to-the-moment, high fidelity view into how opioids are used across the U.S. Armed with this live view into positivity rates, diagnosis codes, providers, demographics, and more, government agencies and other organizations can take action earlier in the cycle – ideally before addictions form – and begin to predict where issues are developing before major public health issues occur.

See the hc1 Opioid Dashboard today – request a demo.

See the hc1 Opioid Dashboard in Action

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