CV19 Lab Testing Dashboard powered by hc1
To support health care providers and public health agencies in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic,
hc1 is leading a coalition of 20K+ lab locations to power the CV19 Lab Testing Dashboard located at

Prescriber View

Section Information

Patient Page

This page shows the details of the patient record in Opioid Advisor, including links to past Consistency Summary reports and and overview of NARx Scores history.




View PDMP Report  button
Patient information: date of birth, gender, MRN (medical record number), SSN (Social Security number), address, phone number
Opioid Advisor Reports tab
NARx Scores tab

Home Page

Patient Search fields (First Name, Last Name,  SSN, MRN, Date of Birth) and search results list (columns for Patient name, MRN, and Date of Birth)

Printer Friendly Page

Link to format a document that includes an order’s Patient Information, Consistency Summary, and NARx Score information

Patient Information

This section displays key facts about the patient.


DOB (Date of Birth)

Lab Order

This section displays order identification, date, lab, and ordering provider information about the patient’s most recent lab order.

Order identification: Order Number, Specimen ID, Patient ID, and MRN
Date and  lab: Date Collected, Date Received, Date Resulted, and Performing Lab
Ordering provider: Provider name, Provider NPI, Location, Location Address

Consistency Summary

This report consolidates prescription information into clear, color-coded consistency categories.

Top summary: Dispensed & Detected drugs, Dispensed & Not Detected drugs, and Not Dispensed & Detected drugs
Bottom detail: Panel name, Test name, Result, PDMP Prescription match, and Comments

NARx Scores

Provided by’s partner Appriss Health, these scores highlight potential problems in a patient’s prescription drug use based on an analysis of the patient’s PDMP data.




Date Generated
Overdose Risk Score
Narcotic Score
Sedative Score
Stimulant Score

PDMP Report

This separate window displays Appriss’s official, detailed state prescription drug monitoring program report for the patient.


Risk Indicators
Rx Data


Administrator Dashboard

Tab Sections


This dashboard shows how the number of orders that are sent to hc1 Opioid Advisor for consistency analysis has been trending over the course of a month. It also provides an average daily amount and specific counts for each day.

Transaction Usage by Day

User Metrics

This dashboard shows how many times prescribers are clicking the link to view the hc1 Opioid Advisor Consistency Summary and how many times those prescribers are then clicking through to view the PDMP report. 

User Metrics for Month
Consistency Requests to Report Page Views
Report Page Views to PDMP Report Requests

Test Mappings

This tab provides a way to ensure that all toxicology tests that a laboratory offers are mapped to the standard list so that they will be included in the consistency analysis.


Save Test Mapping: Enter new test information manually or upload a CSV file.
Test Mappings: Search for the Test Name from your laboratory or search for the Standard Test Name  that hc1 uses for consistency analysis.

Organization Credentials

This tab is where you enter the username, password, and API Key for each ordering location you want to be able to access hc1 Opioid Advisor and where you can search for ordering locations to check whether they have already been registered. 

Save Credentials
Organizations That Have Credentials


This tab is where you map hc1 Opioid Advisor roles to user profiles in your hc1 environment.

Save Roles
Roles That Have Been Assigned


This tab is useful for troubleshooting any problems prescribers might have in retrieving information from hc1 Opioid Advisor. For each date, it shows the number of transactions that were unsuccessful because of missing information and lists the success rate percentage. 












Missing Provider (Not Loaded)
Invalid Patient (Not Loaded)
Invalid State (Not Loaded)
Lab Orders Loaded
No Credentials
Drill Down: Details
Percent Lab Orders Loaded
Missing NPI
No PMP Data
Good Result
Overall Success Rate