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By Sarah Ferguson

Allowing each state to determine its own novel coronavirus vaccine rollout has the feel of a scientific experiment. States such as Indiana that opt not to follow the federal blueprint of prioritizing essential workers and seniors may wind up faring better or worse than others. Time will tell.

Dr. Peter Plantes, physician executive with Hc1, an Indianapolis-based bioinformatics firm said not only will vaccinating the elderly protect them from disease, it also decreases the load on the health care system. This ensures that all who need care, regardless of age or their condition, have access to it.

High-risk individuals should also be high up in the priority list, he added, because they will require extensive health care resources should they fall ill. Because teachers have the less-than-ideal option of working remotely, they should not necessarily receive top priority, he added.

“They should be in the line but not at the front of the line, compared to health care workers and the elderly,” he said.

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