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By Sarah Ferguson

Central Indiana is attracting life sciences companies at an exceptional rate. For more than a century, our city has drawn people from around the world to work for some of the best health care systems, pharmaceutical companies, medical research organizations and tech-enabled companies.

Our community has headquartered companies that have been pivotal in leading in their field, beginning with Eli Lilly and Co. and Roche Diagnostics, as well as the Regenstrief Institute, which was established in 1969. Through varying approaches, what these organizations share is an overlapping goal to apply advances to medicine in order to improve the quality of care for patients nationwide.

According to a report by the Indiana Economic Development Corp., the Hoosier state ranks second nationally for worldwide life sciences exports and among the top five states for life sciences industry jobs. These ratings did not simply come by happenstance, but rather from the assistance of our educational institutions. Indiana is fortunate to have a high concentration of talent coming to our city from nationally ranked universities that excel in technology, bioscience and health care degree programs, which help attract bright and ambitious individuals to Indiana and introduce them to the opportunities they have if they stay.

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