Watch the second annual Precision Health Virtual Summit powered by hc1 and Becker’s Healthcare

By Angie Moreno

hc1, the leader in critical insight, analytics, and solutions for precision health, is celebrating 10 years of transformative work and successful business operation this fall with their “Voices of hc1” social media campaign. The Indianapolis-based bioinformatics firm, founded by Brad Bostic in 2011, has achieved double-digit growth in the past decade and continues to focus on innovative ways to improve patient outcomes with precision health solutions designed to improve overall population health, elevate patient outcomes, enhance the caregiver experience and reduce the overall cost of care. 

Data integration and analytics have become increasingly important for healthcare delivery. hc1 has enabled caregivers to leverage patient health data sources from various silos in health IT to uncover actionable insights across patient populations to ensure the right patient gets the right test and the right prescription at that right time. 

Over the past 10 years, hc1 has brought to market easily adoptable solutions in an effort to scale precision medicine and deliver mass personalization in healthcare. Current hc1 solutions include hc1 Operations Management™, hc1 Analytics™, hc1 PrecisionDx Advisor™, and hc1 PrecisionRx Advisor®. 

With employees in nearly two dozen states and clients across the U.S. and abroad, the company has stored more than 160 million unique patient profiles and processed more than 22 billion clinical transactions in order to make significant advancements in precision health.

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