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Identify profitable untapped referral sources

  • Leverage payor claims data, patient admission rates, and even patient admission histories – all updated on a quarterly basis – to identify your most profitable untapped accounts.
  • Track physician orders, test values, and denial rates and then use machine learning to find which referring physicians are ordering the most profitable tests.
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Visualize competitors’ market share breakdown & referral rates

  • Understand where your business falls in the larger market by analyzing current competitor market share volume instead of just percentages with hc1’s healthcare market intelligence dashboard.
  • Pinpoint where your organization is performing better than your competitors and deliver this data to potential new customers.
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Market Intelligence Page - competitors Dashboard

Leverage Artificial Intelligence for a more productive outreach team

  • Take advantage of a pre-filled CRM to help guide outreach liaisons and sales reps to their most profitable new accounts.
  • Proactively engage with new accounts with real-time interactive referral source mapping that changes and learns as your team closes business.

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Pre-populated Healthcare CRM, Quarterly Updated Claims Data, Artificial Intelligence

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