Integrate with Leading EHR & e-Discharge Systems

With live, bidirectional integrations with EHR and e-discharge systems, post acute care organizations can instantly capture patient vitals, visit histories, and admission information.

  • Record in-person patient referrals on-demand and automatically send to EHR systems without the risk of any duplication or double entry.
  • Receive new referrals instantly in the CRM through integrations with leading e-discharge platforms such as Allscripts and Curaspan.
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Track Quality Metrics

Instead of wasting precious time compiling, sorting, and tracking internal quality metrics, post acute care leaders can leverage Artificial Intelligence to quickly identify where bottlenecks are occurring and streamline follow-up processes.

  • Measure critical KPIs in real-time to ensure all stakeholders across the organization know exactly where to focus.
  • Monitor admission rates, payor contracts, and site audits from a single location to stay 100% compliant 100% of the time.
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